Entry #1

World 2 progress.

2007-08-12 21:48:34 by DrNeroCF

Woah now, what's this? I'm actually posting some sort of blog thing on the internet? And I don't even have a website, ah!

Yeah, I have no clue where this is going, but I've been wanting to write about the production of World 2 of the Fancy Pants adventures for awhile, and thanks to Newground's crazy new blog thing, I might actually go through with it.

I'm really lazy though, and when I'm not being lazy I'm working on World 2. So guys, here's what you gotta do, PM me here on Newgrounds, or comment on this post, yell at me for being such a lazy jerk, and tell me to post some news about World 2. I promise it's going to be far better than World 1, and even far better than the World 2 demo, and if you guys really care, you're going to have to insult me until I do something about it.

So really, I'm working full time on World 2 now, I wanna know if you guys want to here about its development.

And for your enjoyment, a picture of Fancy Pants Man's hair blowing in the wind as he rides on a moving platform. Yes, his hair reacts to motion in game now even if he's not running, and yes, I am really that insane.

World 2 progress.


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2007-08-14 19:35:46

His hair blowing in the wind....?
World 2 is either going to be Fantastic or Blamtasic. :D
Either way I'm happy you're so devoted to the Project.
How soon can we expect it.

DrNeroCF responds:

Haha, well thanks, I'm sure I'd be rather disappointed if World 2 got blammed on Newgrouds :P

Gimme a month, 2 at the most.

And do not question hair blowing in the wind. It is essential to the game... or not...


2007-08-15 13:17:40

You are going to become a newgrounds hero with this game :D
I cannot wait till this is out!
I just hope its not like when movies make a "title 2" I hope this is going to be magic!

DrNeroCF responds:

Yeah, definitely a fear of mine as well. I'm doing everything I can to make sure that World 2 doesn't lose anything from the first. If anything, it won't be as easy, but even then I'm probably going to make a first level that's very simple.


2007-08-15 22:49:10

your god-like, dude i hope world 2 WILL BLOW MY MIND!!!


2007-08-18 21:48:27

k youre insane.


2007-08-19 05:59:40

i cant believe theres only been 4 comments left. dude that game was fucking awesome and addicting. i love how the character moves and the music goes with it so well. how long did it take u to make it? and how complicating was the action script


2007-08-19 13:42:08

any news yet????


2007-08-24 20:45:13



2007-08-27 13:47:48

When the HELL is world 2 going to be ready????!!!!!!!!!!! Im dyin here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! World 1 was good, if it takes this long to make world 2 it should kick ass, and stop being lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U dont care about our needs here on NG?????????? We need quality submissions, because most recent ones have been crap, and with all the shit KK submits, we could use something other than spam in the portal. Is Tom ever on this site????? If he had any common sense, he would have deleted all of their accounts permanently!!!!!!!!!!! DESTROY TEH KK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2007-08-27 15:41:23

The pic looks good, but are you sure you want me to insult you to get get production going? I can get pretty mean, but leeme know if you want me to...

DrNeroCF responds:

Well, I suppose you could could just say 'pretty please' and stuff like that if you really want to... heh.


2007-08-28 12:17:21

(sigh)....Okay. Can you pretty please hurry up with this so I can play it? PLEEEAASSEE??? Don't make me do the puppydog face....


2007-09-02 14:22:01

You should make it so instead of just changing his pant colour. You can also change the hair style. Admit it, Fancy Pants Man with Mullet = divine!

Also: So the hair can react to motion now? Does that mean it can get stuck on things too? Like if ya fall through a tree his hair gets stuck on the branches and he hangs. :) lol Prob not but hey, theirs a possible twist for W3.

DrNeroCF responds:

Heh, there's definitely no actual hair physics, no actual wind pushing numbers around (that would probably look even less realistic than ragdoll physics), but the hair changes animations based on your speed and direction. Slide backwards and the hair flaps in front of FPM's face, run on top of an ink slick and your hair won't start moving until you pick up momentum, moving slowly at first then waving faster.

Also, Flash just doesn't have the processing power to pull of anything like what you're saying, though you should be seeing other physics based gameplay. On that note, I rewrote the code for the snailshell since the demo, it's quite sexy now.


2007-09-02 23:33:03

hurry up and there might be something in it for you... *waves cookie around menacingly*

DrNeroCF responds:

OMG GIMMEH!!!11pants


2007-09-03 13:57:20

can you make this like the smash bros. dojo where you update every day

DrNeroCF responds:

True story, I've been refreshing smashbros.com and decided to open my Newgrounds page.

So, I guess that means that I'll start posting move often, in the style of smashbros.com. And it's all your fault.


2007-09-04 19:00:17

o i'm good i'm good i made him do it

i'm good


2007-09-06 19:15:41

Hair blowing in the wind while riding on a moving platform? Brilliant. Small details like these really add up. Finish the damn game already. It's been a while don't you think? :)


2007-09-08 04:40:17

plese submit as soon as posible
cant w8


2007-09-10 22:34:16

i want my danm update

DrNeroCF responds:

Alright alright, new post tonight! something simple though...


2007-11-26 16:32:18

he looks like Prince Charming right there.


2008-01-20 16:17:40