Trophy Levels

2007-09-11 04:24:11 by DrNeroCF

In World 1, I included trophies as collectibles throughout the game. If you're actually reading this, then you probably know more about the game than you should, and have all the trophies in World 1 (or not).

Trophies were my way of giving a nod to a few Flash artists whose work I really enjoyed, though I filled most of those spaces with characters related to projects I was working on or had worked on. This time around, there's going to be about twice as many levels as before, so that means a lot more trophies that I have to find.

The good news is, people actually know of The Fancy Pants Adventures this time around, so it's a lot easier to ask artists whose work I dig to let me use their property as collectibles in World 2. That means the trophies will hopefully be more recognizable in World 2.

Of course, tons of big levels and trophies means tons of tiny bonus levels for me to plan and draw out. My solution? the next logical step from cameo trophies, and the revealing part of this post: cameo bonus levels. Still working out the details with some artists, but they're definitely guys you'll know. Step into a different style level, grab a trophy from that artist... should be pretty fun.

Feel free to recommend artists who you'd like to see cameoed in World 2. And if you think you deserve a level and trophy in World 2 yourself, show me how awesome you are, we'll talk...

And last but not least, a shot of a level in the making by someone who isn't me. See if you can guess who it is, he's somewhere on the front page right now... and no, it's not much, but the guy's one helluva good artist, so this level should look pretty amazing when we're done with it.

Trophy Levels


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2007-09-11 16:57:03

CAN'T WAIT, BRAD, looking forward to it!


2007-09-11 18:16:58

this is the greastest idea... ever :o I can't wait


2007-09-15 15:16:06

more updates



2007-09-16 12:44:37

edd(eddsworld)super flash bros,wonchop,and randy solem!

DrNeroCF responds:

Hm, I should probably get in touch with Super Flash Bros., met them at Comic Con this year with the Newgrounds group, nice bunch of guys. Heh, as awesome as it would be to have Randy Solem piece together a sprite level, something tells me that Nintendo or SEGA wouldn't be too happy about that one...


2007-09-17 19:35:59

I had the greatest idea ever... a trogdor trophy and level!!!

DrNeroCF responds:

Haha, yeah you go ahead and contact the Homestar dudes for me and tell them I want a Trogdor trophy.


2007-09-17 23:38:09

what about a thing thing trophy

creator- Sean McGee (Weasel)

DrNeroCF responds:

Hm... never got too into that series... I think you'll like the current line up, though :)


2007-09-19 01:53:42

Sounds awesome, and the screeny looks great :).

Nice idea about the trophies though, different style levels should be very interesting :)!

Can't wait for this to finish!


2007-09-20 22:52:38

were still waiting, jerk.


2007-09-22 00:33:19

he called u a jerk

what r u going to do next

lets hope another update and not you going to disney world