2007-09-22 03:15:00 by DrNeroCF

This'll just be a quick update, because there's way too much animating (the fun part) and programming (the not so fun part) I want to get finished tonight. Plus, I'm a jerk, apparently :P

For World 1, I was proud that when Fancy Pants Man just stood there, he swayed back and forth, 72 frames of continuous, 30 frames every second (when the game is running full speed, it animates faster than Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) animation. Mario had 1 frame of idle animation, Sonic had something like 5. Donkey Kong Country doesn't count, it was computer animated.

For World 2, not only does Fancy Pants Man continuously animate, even when not moving, he'll go through a few different idle animations while he's getting bored. In the demo, he just fell asleep, but in the full game, he'll do a few, more interesting things. Currently, FPM has 514 frames of idle animation, which I'm quite sure is some sort of record.

Here's a shot of the latest idle animation that I was working on:

Think that's crazy? You should see the other timelines!

So why does this actually matter? Who actually watches FPM while he's just sitting there? Really, I want to give the little guy much more personality this time around, and I think this is a fun way to do that.



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2007-09-23 04:10:17

That's awesome. I actually just played the demo before I read this and saw him fall asleep, and thought, oh, that's really cute.

Nice work.


2007-09-26 16:09:44

The demo alone is a better game than the 1st. Can't wait for FPA2.


2007-09-26 17:53:09

if theres a 3rd a 4th and a fith and so on,youre gonna need someone to continue your legacy


2007-09-27 12:10:39

Sweet stuff, and it must be somewhat tiring working on all that animation :P.

Good work and keep it up, I seriously look forward to the sequal as you know :)!

DrNeroCF responds:

Relaxing, really. Helps with the insomnia, haha. It's nice to be able to know what your next frame is and just draw it, and not worry about that frame breaking the entire animation. Unlike programming...


2007-09-28 22:56:10

what is he doing

DrNeroCF responds:

Puling something out of his pocket...


2007-09-29 09:36:09

So many idle animations...when it comes out,I will surely stop to see what the little dude does :D


2007-09-29 16:18:53

oh man thats great, im a huge fan (you probably heard this be4 ;)). but where are his orange pants :O. i demand a pair of orange pants :P.

DrNeroCF responds:

Ah, right, he color of the pants are done with the programming, that's why you can change the color in the options menu. So when you just look at him from the timeline, the pants are white. I thought about recoloring them for this shot, but I figured I'd give you guys a true behind the scenes shot.


2007-09-29 21:09:51

hmm looks like a comb to me... that would rock :o


2007-09-29 21:12:10

ahh scratch that last comment, didn't see that it said combhair at the top... that still rocks


2007-10-01 19:46:04

*cough* *cough* want new update *cough* *cough*

DrNeroCF responds:

Might have something tonight... we'll see...


2007-10-02 18:27:52

*cough* *cough* thank you *cough* *cough*


2007-10-05 23:43:28

*cough* *cough* still waiting to be able to say thank you again *cough* *cough*


2007-11-26 16:35:54

this finally answers my question about if you hand drew it or used computer animation.