Cameo Art

2007-10-06 01:35:54 by DrNeroCF

Well here's a super quick update. Just thought I'd show off a bit more cameo art. This is the same bit of cameo level I had up before, only redrawn by the artist. Much better, eh?

Cameo Art


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2007-10-06 05:41:15

Looks ace. I look forward to the end result.


2007-10-07 01:46:31

*cough* thank you *cough*

cold is going down maybe that's y there is only two coughs in my sentence

DrNeroCF responds:

Sounds like an improvement to me :P


2007-10-07 18:56:38

wow that looks pretty sick i must say, also do you have a ballpark figure of when world 2 might be realesd.....pretty please

DrNeroCF responds:

I'm honestly shooting for this month, and yes, that's the official date right now, but... well, don't be surprised if it doesn't come out until next month. At the latest.


2007-10-08 01:49:12

Oh wow that looks really detailed :)!

Look forward to seeing this finished ^_^!


2007-10-08 07:36:27

youre just like the-exp!youre taunting us with previews when what we wanna hear is the release date!but it looks good,very good!

DrNeroCF responds:

Haha, yeah I guess I'm just mean like that. Though, when there's an actual release date, I'll tell you guys. Right now it'll be done when it's done, though the official word and attempt is this month...


2007-10-10 22:36:49

What is his new special move?


2007-10-10 23:41:36

still waiting for new...

no *cough* cold is gone

and the peasants rejoice



2007-10-13 16:21:33

since you want to release it in October is there a Halloween themed level

DrNeroCF responds:

Doubt it, if I do that, that level'll look out of place for the rest of the year.


2007-10-17 20:40:40

Awesome looking stuff man, can't wait for the game to come out!


2007-10-19 21:29:22

lalalala good gameeeeee ummmm yea welll anyways hurry up i dont have patience besides... patience isnt a virtue, its a curse... anyways... uhhhhhhh youre old... not really but yea... old!!!!!! old old old!!!!!! ur ancient <.< *cough* err anyways okay so ur not ancient... well u r but since i have a crush on a 41 yr old (im 15) i cant rly call u ancient... can i? well anyways ur still old ^.^


2007-10-22 00:42:46

I can't really wait to see the world 2 finished...


2007-10-24 16:15:57

Quick comment: looking great, can't wait for World 2!

Since FPA still is the best flash platoformer these is...


2007-10-25 22:45:21

Nice edit. I did like Page #2 picture better because it felt more urban. No offense though, just thought it'd be cool to play in a city.

DrNeroCF responds:

I agree that FPA should have some sort of urban landscape... hmm... who hasn't designed their level yet...


2007-10-27 23:13:22

see more updates at his website


2007-11-03 17:01:31

NEW UPDATE NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DrNeroCF responds:

Need to come up with something that's interesting enough to put up here and bump the last post to another page. For now, check out my website, it's got a few smaller updates on it, it's up by my name to the left...


2007-11-04 17:19:09

There ya go Ice cream ^_^ And if you can, can you make the last boss a little harder?

(Updated ) DrNeroCF responds:

Definitely. The entire game is going to be significantly harder. Especially if you want to beat and collect everything.


2007-11-26 16:33:32

ooh, looks like you're building a bit more environment into the sequel, eh?


2010-06-13 05:07:02

a cool