Comic-Con 09

2009-08-18 17:10:11 by DrNeroCF

What's up Newgrounds, I know I hardly post here, but I got some pics from Comic-Con '09, so I figured I should post a link to the flikr set on here:

Comic-Con '09 Flickr set

Also, my wife, Jenna/FairlyObvious wrote an entry on my site about her impressions of all the artists we were with, needless to say, she enjoyed being around people with a real passion for their own and an appreciation of other's art. She posted it to her profile here. It starts on her NG profile and continues on my site.


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2009-08-18 17:34:09

Ohh smelly


2009-08-19 13:46:06


So, you're only working on Mirror's Edge 2D now, or will we be playin something even more awesome soon?


2009-09-04 23:04:44

wow you dont get many comments even if your aweseom


2009-09-17 21:24:46

I miss you.


2009-10-20 20:32:47

Whatever happened to Fancypants? I miss the series...:(


2009-10-30 21:17:23

U gots to continue the fancy pants adventure!


2009-11-03 16:39:23

lately you seem to be getting a lot of comments about a fansypants world three and you sead you plan on making one. im really excited! also, you are gonna make fancy galf in world three right? i shure hope so!


2009-11-08 10:43:17

I like pants that happen to be fancy.


2010-01-16 00:11:32

sup dude!!!i really like da fancy pants adventure series. anyway,,,say hi to me if u get da chance really don't hav freinds on da internet right now:(:(:(


2010-01-21 19:15:50

PLZ PLZ come out with fancy pants 3 it would mean a lot to newgrounds


2010-02-22 15:08:03

please dude make FPA 3 please please please its my favorite game on newgrounds


2010-03-24 07:43:03

Brad its like these games are awesome can't wait till FPA world 3! My best one is FPA world 2 rock on!!