Entry #9

Time for my yearly update!

2010-03-25 19:06:44 by DrNeroCF

Yeah, my lack of posting on Newgrounds is pretty sad, so if you want to catch up on World 3 news, you'll have to go to my site, more specifically here.

I'm also trying to release a video report on the progress of World 3 weekly, every Friday. You can subscribe to my YouTube account, or check out my site (you can subscribe to posts from here too, if you want to make sure you don't miss anything!).

So yeah, I'm trying to be pretty open with World 3's development, and there's a TON of new features, and even more left to create, so it should be an interesting ride. I love getting feedback (good and bad), so if you guys want to keep up with World 3's progress, I'd love to hear what you think of everything so far.

And sorry to anyone who's sent me PMs lately, I was scared to try and respond since I couldn't tell which ones I had replied to already, but there's a status column now, so I'll try to hack away at those eventually.

And finally, I'm a judge for 09's tank award! Woot! I'm always far more behind on current Flash games and movies, so this seems like a pretty good excuse to catch up.

Time for my yearly update!


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2010-03-26 05:22:21

Wow... Brad posting on somewhere other than his site! Unheard of!
The new progress report is also gonna be great.
Also, Canabalt = PURE WIN


2010-03-26 19:06:05

I haven't come here in such a long time because you rarely ever post. But now you did just yesterday. Can't wait for world 3. :)


2010-03-29 12:41:05

FPA 2 is one of my favourite flash games ever i'm glad to find out your making world 3 i bet it's gonna be great


2010-03-31 19:11:01

You should also give this game medals


2010-04-02 02:13:37

Wow i cant wait!
just take your time and dont try to rush plz!
cause i know this is gonna be so damn epic!
much <3


2010-04-03 22:33:26

cant wait for world 3


2010-04-05 09:21:45



2010-04-06 12:54:34

your games are awasome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-05-03 22:10:07

I hope Fancy Pants World 3 comes soon..! I love your games. :P


2010-05-07 03:55:08

Don't hold back!!
Go for gold!!

Simple but Sophisticated


2010-05-15 16:51:38

I love fancy pants and judjing bu that tyre swing you gonna have new stuff,even better


2010-06-06 02:36:57

I was just about to play the first & second fancy pants then i though... i wonder if there is a third yet and behind i see you are working on one. these are some of the best flash games around.


2010-06-13 04:50:37

Cant wait for a demo goodlick ;)


2010-06-21 20:56:11

If you could propel yourself by swinging on that tire, that would be sweeet. xDD


2010-06-28 06:49:40

I loved the first two games, I'm sure this one will be even more great the fancy pants 2!


2010-07-04 08:01:53

oh nice another one i need to play it when it comes out i love the fancy pants adventures i mean ur games and even urself is awsome.


2010-07-19 23:58:49

Your voice is amazing.

So sexy :3.

Oh and FPA 3 is looking nice too.


2010-08-27 17:35:57

Oh my god! It's beautiful! Are there multiple pathways and more trophies and enemies and random stuff like snail golf? That would be FANTASTICLASM!


2010-11-01 22:06:16

YYES. Fancy pants adventure is my my favorite flash game ever, and I personally can't wait for World 3.


2010-11-06 18:48:51

Wow, that screenshot looks really nice. Looking forward to playing this!


2010-11-23 00:20:32

Dont give up, and can u dont put snail shells?


2010-12-09 19:23:50

And your making a consle game, called "the fancy pants advertures"


2010-12-23 21:13:43

hey brad can you put fancy pants 3 on newgrounds i will be so grateful if you do it and can write an e-mail to know when its going to come out here is e-mail david_cbdf@hotmail.com


2010-12-23 21:15:57

hey brad can you put fancy pants 3 on newgrounds i will be so grateful if you do it and can write me an e-mail to know when its going to come out here is e-mail david_cbdf@hotmail.com


2010-12-24 14:28:35

hey brad can you write me a prite message to know when it's going to came out fancy pants world 3 on newgrounds thanks and the idea to put the pencil combat it's great


2010-12-24 14:32:28

and i wanna know how FPA 3 came out sorry for the inconvenience


2011-01-04 22:53:08



2011-02-25 05:45:01

Played the sneak peek and gotta say I loved it. Great animation and great programming. I really like that you can mae Fancy Pants dive or cannonball into the water. While the game ran incredibly smoothly, there was this black line with a little green bisector on top of it popping up every time I jumped or fell or touched the wall while swimming. It distracted me a little bit and maybe it's something for programmers that you forgot to hide in the game. And another thing, when I was swimming upside down Fancy Pants would simply just pop up-right again. Since the game looks so flawless in all other departments, it looks a bit weird when Fancy Pants just pops up-right again without any animation. If you could fix that I wouldn't see any other problems in the sneak peek.


2011-02-26 02:40:15



2011-03-01 15:13:22

correct me if i'm wrong, but does that say Marc 25th? I believe today is the first.


2011-03-03 02:31:01

i am looking forward to world 3 but will it be only for psn and xbox because i have a pc and psp if some other fancy pants comes out on psp it will be soo awesome.


2011-03-05 05:57:17

Wtf it's just a gray screen, the game isn't working for me


2011-03-11 14:37:18

man this is epic


2011-03-13 21:03:48

great game and movements


2011-03-19 04:08:15

your FPA: Sneak peek is AWEsome!
PS: can you put world 3 on ng as well?


2011-04-04 21:32:03

cant wait until world 3 and i know its going epic


2011-04-24 12:09:40

Congrats on PSN man! <3<3


2012-04-15 16:34:30

Lovin' World 3 Brad! You put some true effort into this it's simply amazing!


2012-04-28 06:13:56

You are awesome! I really like your world 3 submission! Come on make world 4!


2015-01-17 03:17:48


...What? No more yearly updates?