2007-11-09 02:01:34 by DrNeroCF

Yep, something new! I'm releasing a small beta build of World 2. I'm hoping to use it to catch as many bugs as possible before release, plus you guys get to see how the game, the engine at least, has been progressing.

It's only the first level that was in the demo, but all the code is updated, the feel of the snailshell is probably the biggest change, but there's a whole lot of smaller changes that are still apparent, even with just the one level.

Check out the site, find bugs, leave feedback, or anything else that you can do that's awesome like that...


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2007-11-09 02:27:46

Cool, thanks for the update. Though world two is taking awhile, keep up the good work.


2007-11-09 02:32:06

Sorry about the double post man, but you said to post if you break the game or whatever. Anyway, if you jump right next to those things you can hang onto, but just enough to where your not actually on it, you'll fall down while it looks like your still on it, and won't respawn.

DrNeroCF responds:

That bug's still in there? Ugh, I'll look into that, thanks.

And yeah, almost two years now. That makes the engine 3 years in the making. Nuts, isn't it?


2007-11-11 06:41:48

How much % is it done?

I cannot wait any longer!

And make a custom Right-click menu so that the player can change the Quality.

DrNeroCF responds:

probably over 90%, but lots of tweaking left. You can hit q to change the quality, but it doesn't matter much, since all the backgrounds are turned into bitmaps. On lower quality, the bitmaps are just of worse rendered vectors.


2007-11-17 14:35:12

ah cool. I can't wait till it comes out. the first one was so much fun. This game will hopefuly be even better.


2007-11-23 13:30:28

I've found an art bug. When you hang from ledges, or chains (whatever those things are), your character's hair goes away. THis might be on purpose, but I'm reporting it just in case.

DrNeroCF responds:

Uh, yeah that would just be yet another place where I haven't drawn the hair yet. Not a bug, just unfinished work.


2007-11-27 13:22:39

Actually, no bugs to report, just wanted to say that the game feels great. Really great! Can't wait for the oficial release, any idea when?


2007-12-03 21:28:40

Ive been waiting forever... WHEN IS NUMBER 2 COMING OUT????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DrNeroCF responds:

Before Christmas


2007-12-25 13:36:36

i heard about the jan 08 release and thats my birthday! what a coincidence!


2008-01-06 05:56:52

can you make the guy have a gun or some thing??its very hard to slam the spiders but still a fun game.


2008-01-06 13:24:59

Hey, Brad this is ryanrab1 (I can't remember my password for that newgrounds account) anyway you probaly know me better as matt's annoying friend. As WJUK already said on your blog I have tried everything and wordpress won't let me log in or create a new account any help?


2008-01-08 17:03:51

it's coming out today! i should tell you, i've been counting down the days till the 8th. yes, i'm a freak. no, i don't care.


2008-01-12 03:15:02

Hey, why don't you submit the sequel?
It's at armorgames and flashground...


DrNeroCF responds:

Armor Games has a paid exclusive for now, and it appears that flashground is being filthy monkey-leeches and is is stealing Armor Game's bandwidth...

Don't worry, Newgrounds will definitely get the game once the exclusive is over.


2008-01-17 19:04:32

It's out! woohoo!
and on my birthday, too. what a nice present ;)