2008-01-17 23:36:37 by DrNeroCF

It's been almost two years. TWO YEARS. How crazy is that? Granted, I was still in college until last summer, and I still was taking freelance jobs up until a few months ago, but still, I'm amazing that everything has managed to come together into one coherent game.

I think Snailshell Golfball turned out perfectly, it gives a good challenge to those who seek it, yet anyone who doesn't care to attempt to master the art of kicking a snailshell around can simply run through the game. I'm against my games having much of a learning curve, but I certainly like the idea of players being able to 'master' parts of my game. So I think that Fancy Golfball turned out to be a great addition, it provides a challege, but doesn't get in the way.

Really, this is the game that I wished World 1 was. Back then, though, I just wasn't able to animate well enough, or write code that ran solid enough. After World 1 was relased, upgraded from an outdated Powerbook and a Graphire3 to a quad core Mac Pro and an Intuos3. Boy does that make a difference when sketching up levels! I'd also like to think that I've learned how to finally draw... somewhat... haha.

But I gotta say, I'm really proud of how World 2 turned out, and I truly need to thank everyone who's played World 1 and left positive feedback, you're really a big part of why I've continued working on this game.

Also, I usually read through all the reviews and comments, I really appreciate the feedback.


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2008-01-17 23:38:12

Congrats! You did a really good job.


2008-01-18 00:16:47

Very amazing job. The fact that you stuck with it through 2 years is a real credit to you. I have the worst ADD when it comes to flash games, I usually close them after playing for 2 minutes, but fancy pants (both worlds) have sucked me in for the long haul.

Congrats on finishing off this magnum opus, it takes flash gaming to a whole new level.

Sorry I missed you at comic-con, thinking of attending PAX this year?

DrNeroCF responds:

Heh, believe it or not I have mad ADD too, I was always worried about World 2's reception since I've only completed just a handful of Flash games ever. I guess I just set out a game that I would actually play from start to finish. Guess it was a good idea, haha.


2008-01-18 01:50:36

yeah, the golf was brilliant. Really gave the game great replay value.
Would have been swell if after completing all the golf holes, you could unlock a quick little golf level with strokes and pars and such.

Really loved how quirky the levels were too, so nice just to run around in.

Great job :)

DrNeroCF responds:

Well thanks! Chances are I'll try to refine the ball mechanics and code and release some sort of Fancy Golfball minigame...


2008-01-18 17:38:11

the snail golf was genious. i just wish it got you more than pants.


2008-01-18 19:39:51

I remember when the first one came out, it was soooo cute. I hope you continue to do well with this series maybe you'll get soem massive succes. Lol i could picture a fancy pants mmorpg.... be very complicated though.

The music, graphics, physics, gamplay, everything of that game is awsome, and I thank you for giving such a nice present when I looke dinto newgorunds that day.


2008-01-18 21:54:11

Amazing game, you are god.


2008-01-19 04:20:30

i finished fancy pants world 2, but it doesn't load now ;( and i can't play it ;(


2008-01-19 12:55:58

The game's superb. I was worried that you would spend so much time on the game only to see it with a low score. Pretty relived now.
I think it's more triumphant than Mario Galaxy.
When you get seriously bored out of your mind, you should make a simple level maker (tiled obviously).
I would have loved to see a surreal level where it's just black and white but constantly and fluidly animating in a loop. Like a calligraphic level without color.
I think the greatest part was all the extra detail you put in. The Mario pipe and jumping over the candle stick were my favorites.




2008-01-19 13:11:15

update ur profile desc where it says ur still working on it.


2008-01-19 18:22:34

I really enjoyed World 2 much more than world 1. I read that one sign that said Fancy Pants was supposed to be in NG Rumble, sry it couldn't be that way. This was a very fun game to play. Have you had any thoughts about making a third one????

DrNeroCF responds:

Definitely, I already have a ton of ideas for World 3, should be fun...


2008-01-19 20:34:28

I'm trying to collect as many of those spirals as I can, but the ones on the top right of that Adam Philips level seem impossible to get (for now). BTW, you don't live too far from me. I live in Marrero.


2008-01-19 23:50:49

Fancy Pants may be the best game ever on Newgrounds since Alien Hominid. Thank you for making this really addictive game. Everything about it is perfect, and I personally wanted to post a comment on your account to tell you so. I think even your drawing style fits the feel of the game very well, (much like how Yoshi's Island drawing style from the SNES fits its own style, even though in and of itself, isn't really all that great.) I encourage you to keep making more, if you feel ambitious enough to do so, or if you find time to do so (I'm a college student, too, so I understand the constraints. =D ) As long as you keep getting better, you may find Fancy Pants on the Wii in the future, and that would be the big prize! XD
Good to meet you. Take care!
-Flash Marcus

P.S. - Just for the heck of it, after I went through World 2 all the way through and unlocked everything, I did a speed run of the entire game. My best time beating World 2 is 9 minutes, 25 seconds (9:25). (I didn't count the tutorial at the beginning with the Fancy Golfball course.) Anyone think they can beat that?


2008-01-20 05:42:00

WOOOOOOOO! ITS THE BEST!!!! i finished all the challenges (except easter eggs, can't find any. or i dont realise i found them)

brad, keep going, man. you're completely my idol (and thanks 4 the fanart page)

greetz, nyubis ;)


2008-01-20 06:10:27

it is a GREAT piece of work.


2008-01-20 08:25:35

Make a Fancy Golfball game ;D.

DrNeroCF responds:

I probably should...


2008-01-21 02:07:19

My best compliments to you. Fancy Pants World 2 is a winner in my book.


2008-01-21 18:56:53

wow you think it would take him 3 years to make that game its awsome


2008-01-21 23:36:21



2008-01-21 23:55:35

awesome work with that game dude! definetly my fav game ever ! u should put world 1 and world 2 in one game that way we can play bought and fave bought XD

I've been playing for 6 hours now XD... really adictive!

I really hope you make a 3rd world ..... cause this game really deserves it !awesome job!! =D!


2008-01-22 09:28:00

Now it's time for world threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

DrNeroCF responds:



2008-01-22 11:24:51

Yay! Finally man! I was wondering what took you so long!
It's great! I really like the green fancy pants :D
And how u did the ice cream cone the main reason for all the running around, is great ^^
That I can change the colour of my pants it great too, I can't remember if that was in World 1 tho..
Anyways, thanks man!


2008-01-22 14:36:50

Wow. I played Fancy Pants Adventure about two years ago, before I even knew what Newgrounds was. I think I found it on Adictinggames

Anyway, I'm gonna go play it now :-)


2008-01-22 15:41:25

fancy pants adventures, world 1 was awsome, but world 2 just blew my socks off. it ruled dude. i think if you wanted to you could make a third world.


2008-01-22 17:13:49

Congrats man, quite an achievement =)

DrNeroCF responds:



2008-01-22 22:08:33

Awsome I loved the fancy pants adventures since the first one. This one is even better.


2008-01-23 02:04:48

I LOVE world 2. It's seriously the best Flash platformer I've ever seen. People keep saying it could be a DS game, and I agree. Awesome work.
Also, two suggestions for World 3: Make a level with an urban theme (Mike Swain's level was awesome) and maybe give the Fancy Pants Man a weapon, like a giant mallet to hit spiders with. That would be neat. Anyways, EXCELLENT work. I love what you do, keep it up!


2008-01-23 02:43:33

I never knew that this kind of talent comes from Louisiana... all others are from other places.... thx for the game and showing how creative we Louisianians (spell check?) really are, and also thx for the great game....

FPA rox!

DrNeroCF responds:

Well, New Orleans has a pretty huge history of art, but there's not really any companies based here that are internet based and could operate from anywhere. Has something to do with business tax, I think... well, that and the entire city is quite a few feet below sea level... can be hell on your sinuses, haha.


2008-01-23 10:54:36

World 2 was great! You really improved on your art and all the little extras you made have greatly added to the replay value! The whole golf concept to get pants was also awesome, even though i had a hard time getting most of em :)

If i could ask you something, it would be : where do you get your level ideas? i have such a hard time trying to make a single level :|

Well i can't wait for world 3 !

DrNeroCF responds:

Try sketching something out in a notebook first, at least the basic layout... from there, really just sit there on a pen tablet and doodle until something stands out to you, then run with it....


2008-01-23 17:26:22

You deserved the awards, and you should have gotten weekly first. I like Tankmen, but seriously, I wish that some maturity would count for something on this site. Why should a great engaging game be pushed out of first by some guys who talk about dicks all the time?

Great game. I still love you, JohnnyUtah. I've never laughed so hard in my life. But Brad Borne deserves more credit than you, after sticking through the years making FPA2, so you can go to your corner and talk about dicks, while me and many others go and have a much better time.

Nice job, great game.


2008-01-23 18:51:53

to flash marcus, 9:06 lol, pwned


2008-01-24 19:41:06

i reveiwed then found a bug so here it is:

when you die next to a sign the thought bubble stays up


2008-01-25 16:18:29

This was seriously one of the best games I ever played. I already loved world 1 but world 2 is even better, keep up the good work.


2008-01-25 16:49:35

hi,i am having one big problem,so i thought you might help becouse you are very good with flash....i am a begginer and wish to do with flash....but i cant find it....where can i download free flash,i cant buy anything on internet...yet,but i cant wait so long so plz help me,if you do,i promice the first flash of mine will be dedicated to you :)

DrNeroCF responds:

Well, there's a 30 day trial on adobe.com that you can download...


2008-01-26 14:17:48

My favorite! you should make it downloadable.

Also...you should make a console version for Psp and DS. Perfect man.

WORLD THREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-01-26 14:51:30

Great job on the game, I love that fancy pants dude XD


2008-01-26 18:19:08

i guess you didnt guess it... im also from louisiana... lol... but yea... the weather changes suck. but i understand what ur talking about when you say how NO has a huge history in art.... but i was talking about (as you stated) the internet art, like flash animation and such.... i havent seen many people who want to go into fields having to do with art of that sort.... and if they do they usually move out of Louisiana... but yea, La rox, and im prolly not moving from here! lol

well nice talkin to ya, ill check back again later for a reply,

P.S. Mardi Gras 2008 will be the bomb (if the weather clears up)

DrNeroCF responds:

Yeah this weather's been just nasty lately, eh?

But it's true, the industry really isn't over here, and no, I didn't see that you were from La also. There's soooo many musicians over here, though...


2008-01-26 22:20:24

alright i played the game world 1 and 2 theyre both awesome
but is there anyway i can find a free software flash download that isnt a trial.
the game i designed is f'in A. nut i need the software to make and i dont have alot of money.


2008-01-26 22:25:50

FPA...truly Gods liscense pending(hopefully) platformer, please give me a console version(preferably DS; take snailgolf to the next level!). As thou can see, I am the only non admin newgrounds person who can get through something paying attention to typos(cuz u probably nevr mak n-e(oh crap...)). If you can get the hookups for a DS(or at least, a version that can make you some money) version of this epic game, I sketch random thins when I go to bed, and levels for this game is one of 'em(again...>.<), and it can go REALLY far with this.


2008-01-27 22:03:46

The Game Rools


2008-01-28 16:56:12

FPA 2 is a triumph. it's definately one of the best games in NG history.


2008-01-28 18:13:05

Dude u rule.and thats all i have 2 say.


2008-01-28 20:21:29



2008-01-28 23:42:02

yea thats true.... we did get all the musicians! ha... i guess thats a plus from the great state of Louisiana!


2008-01-28 23:54:29

Dude, awesomest game on NG ever!!!!!!!!!! golf was genius :D make fancy pants World 3 :D YAY i was w8ing a long time for world 2 but it was worth it. Its funny where you out the signs that say Hey-Brad, Run! FAST! RUN! FANCY! lol JUMP! >:o



2008-01-29 21:47:06

I always loved the feel of the game on world 1 and world 2....damn i didn't know it could happen, i got sooooo much better :).
I just finish play wpn.fire and got an idea, the run and jump physic of fancy pants and the shooting bliss of wpn would be awesome! but that's my idea i keep at my little corner...


2008-01-29 22:00:21

I laughed so hard when I went back to see what Fancy Pants Man jumped over in the cave level. The reference to Jack's candlestick was absolutely PURE FREAKING GENIUS.

Haha, I played all of World 2, secret levels and all. I LOVE IT!


2008-01-31 22:30:05

how did u make fpa world 2??


2008-02-01 21:21:08

FANCY PANTS RULES ^_^_^_^_^_^^_^_^_^_^_


2008-02-03 09:32:09

Man great job on the game. The golf challenge is hard. Hey you should make a fancy pants movie where Thetruestickman fights against fancy pants.
But anyways, Awesome. :)


2008-02-06 15:00:20

We need to thank you for all that you have done. sounds like a lot of work went into world two and it turned out to be awsome. I enjoyed the first one and the world 2 is even better. Flash games look like a lot of fun to create. i would like to learn how to myself but until that day i will continue playing. World 2 is one of my favorites great job dude.(o and snail golf was a challenging addition, Very Fun.)