Time for my yearly update!

2010-03-25 19:06:44 by DrNeroCF

Yeah, my lack of posting on Newgrounds is pretty sad, so if you want to catch up on World 3 news, you'll have to go to my site, more specifically here.

I'm also trying to release a video report on the progress of World 3 weekly, every Friday. You can subscribe to my YouTube account, or check out my site (you can subscribe to posts from here too, if you want to make sure you don't miss anything!).

So yeah, I'm trying to be pretty open with World 3's development, and there's a TON of new features, and even more left to create, so it should be an interesting ride. I love getting feedback (good and bad), so if you guys want to keep up with World 3's progress, I'd love to hear what you think of everything so far.

And sorry to anyone who's sent me PMs lately, I was scared to try and respond since I couldn't tell which ones I had replied to already, but there's a status column now, so I'll try to hack away at those eventually.

And finally, I'm a judge for 09's tank award! Woot! I'm always far more behind on current Flash games and movies, so this seems like a pretty good excuse to catch up.

Time for my yearly update!

Comic-Con 09

2009-08-18 17:10:11 by DrNeroCF

What's up Newgrounds, I know I hardly post here, but I got some pics from Comic-Con '09, so I figured I should post a link to the flikr set on here:

Comic-Con '09 Flickr set

Also, my wife, Jenna/FairlyObvious wrote an entry on my site about her impressions of all the artists we were with, needless to say, she enjoyed being around people with a real passion for their own and an appreciation of other's art. She posted it to her profile here. It starts on her NG profile and continues on my site.

Official Snailshell Golf Guide

2008-03-06 05:07:33 by DrNeroCF

Yep, finally was about to create one. Currently working on a sort of, history of FPA video blog, should be pretty fun.

Check 'er out:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRoF1sr szjA


2008-01-17 23:36:37 by DrNeroCF

It's been almost two years. TWO YEARS. How crazy is that? Granted, I was still in college until last summer, and I still was taking freelance jobs up until a few months ago, but still, I'm amazing that everything has managed to come together into one coherent game.

I think Snailshell Golfball turned out perfectly, it gives a good challenge to those who seek it, yet anyone who doesn't care to attempt to master the art of kicking a snailshell around can simply run through the game. I'm against my games having much of a learning curve, but I certainly like the idea of players being able to 'master' parts of my game. So I think that Fancy Golfball turned out to be a great addition, it provides a challege, but doesn't get in the way.

Really, this is the game that I wished World 1 was. Back then, though, I just wasn't able to animate well enough, or write code that ran solid enough. After World 1 was relased, upgraded from an outdated Powerbook and a Graphire3 to a quad core Mac Pro and an Intuos3. Boy does that make a difference when sketching up levels! I'd also like to think that I've learned how to finally draw... somewhat... haha.

But I gotta say, I'm really proud of how World 2 turned out, and I truly need to thank everyone who's played World 1 and left positive feedback, you're really a big part of why I've continued working on this game.

Also, I usually read through all the reviews and comments, I really appreciate the feedback.


2007-11-09 02:01:34 by DrNeroCF

Yep, something new! I'm releasing a small beta build of World 2. I'm hoping to use it to catch as many bugs as possible before release, plus you guys get to see how the game, the engine at least, has been progressing.

It's only the first level that was in the demo, but all the code is updated, the feel of the snailshell is probably the biggest change, but there's a whole lot of smaller changes that are still apparent, even with just the one level.

Check out the site, find bugs, leave feedback, or anything else that you can do that's awesome like that...


Cameo Art

2007-10-06 01:35:54 by DrNeroCF

Well here's a super quick update. Just thought I'd show off a bit more cameo art. This is the same bit of cameo level I had up before, only redrawn by the artist. Much better, eh?

Cameo Art


2007-09-22 03:15:00 by DrNeroCF

This'll just be a quick update, because there's way too much animating (the fun part) and programming (the not so fun part) I want to get finished tonight. Plus, I'm a jerk, apparently :P

For World 1, I was proud that when Fancy Pants Man just stood there, he swayed back and forth, 72 frames of continuous, 30 frames every second (when the game is running full speed, it animates faster than Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) animation. Mario had 1 frame of idle animation, Sonic had something like 5. Donkey Kong Country doesn't count, it was computer animated.

For World 2, not only does Fancy Pants Man continuously animate, even when not moving, he'll go through a few different idle animations while he's getting bored. In the demo, he just fell asleep, but in the full game, he'll do a few, more interesting things. Currently, FPM has 514 frames of idle animation, which I'm quite sure is some sort of record.

Here's a shot of the latest idle animation that I was working on:

Think that's crazy? You should see the other timelines!

So why does this actually matter? Who actually watches FPM while he's just sitting there? Really, I want to give the little guy much more personality this time around, and I think this is a fun way to do that.


Trophy Levels

2007-09-11 04:24:11 by DrNeroCF

In World 1, I included trophies as collectibles throughout the game. If you're actually reading this, then you probably know more about the game than you should, and have all the trophies in World 1 (or not).

Trophies were my way of giving a nod to a few Flash artists whose work I really enjoyed, though I filled most of those spaces with characters related to projects I was working on or had worked on. This time around, there's going to be about twice as many levels as before, so that means a lot more trophies that I have to find.

The good news is, people actually know of The Fancy Pants Adventures this time around, so it's a lot easier to ask artists whose work I dig to let me use their property as collectibles in World 2. That means the trophies will hopefully be more recognizable in World 2.

Of course, tons of big levels and trophies means tons of tiny bonus levels for me to plan and draw out. My solution? the next logical step from cameo trophies, and the revealing part of this post: cameo bonus levels. Still working out the details with some artists, but they're definitely guys you'll know. Step into a different style level, grab a trophy from that artist... should be pretty fun.

Feel free to recommend artists who you'd like to see cameoed in World 2. And if you think you deserve a level and trophy in World 2 yourself, show me how awesome you are, we'll talk...

And last but not least, a shot of a level in the making by someone who isn't me. See if you can guess who it is, he's somewhere on the front page right now... and no, it's not much, but the guy's one helluva good artist, so this level should look pretty amazing when we're done with it.

Trophy Levels

World 2 progress.

2007-08-12 21:48:34 by DrNeroCF

Woah now, what's this? I'm actually posting some sort of blog thing on the internet? And I don't even have a website, ah!

Yeah, I have no clue where this is going, but I've been wanting to write about the production of World 2 of the Fancy Pants adventures for awhile, and thanks to Newground's crazy new blog thing, I might actually go through with it.

I'm really lazy though, and when I'm not being lazy I'm working on World 2. So guys, here's what you gotta do, PM me here on Newgrounds, or comment on this post, yell at me for being such a lazy jerk, and tell me to post some news about World 2. I promise it's going to be far better than World 1, and even far better than the World 2 demo, and if you guys really care, you're going to have to insult me until I do something about it.

So really, I'm working full time on World 2 now, I wanna know if you guys want to here about its development.

And for your enjoyment, a picture of Fancy Pants Man's hair blowing in the wind as he rides on a moving platform. Yes, his hair reacts to motion in game now even if he's not running, and yes, I am really that insane.

World 2 progress.